How to make order? It's EASY!

Here is Your Step-by-step guide to make order:

Step 1: If you are not registered yet, please register here.

Step 2: Login (in left menu).

Step 3: Go to My Account (in left menu). Now You can see all Your uploaded photo.

Step 4: Upload Your photo. Select retouching/decoration options for each uploaded photo. If you the beginner and do not know, what options to choose, switch Your mode in the right top corner of working area on the Beginner. Then choose that you wish to make with a photo: retouching or decoration. Here You can also input caption of photo and comments.
Important: For each photo You should choose at least of retouching/decoration options.

Step 5: When you have uploaded all photos which wish to include in the order, and for each photo have chosen retouching/decoration options, You can go to Make Order.

Step 6: Select photos which wish to include in the order and click Estimate order. You will see the preliminary estimate.
Important: You receive e-mail, that your order is accepted to consideration. Maximum in 24 hours we look Your order at the complexity and volume of work and You will receive e-mail that Your order is priced.

Step 7: After You received e-mail that Your order is priced, You can login and go to Make Order. Here You will see priced photo.

Step 8: Click on Estimate order. You will see the final estimates.

Step 9: Click Validate Order. You will see Your order and make payment.
Important: You can make payment later. For this purpose you can come into My Orders and pay not paid order.

Step 10: After You pay we carry out Your order. Usually the order is carried out within 1-2 days, however depending on workload, time of performance of the order can reach 7 days. When Your order is ready, You receive on e-mail the notice and You can download ready photos.