a. Upload the Photographs or Images via Digital-photo-retouching.com, herein after "We".

b. Ensure that the photographs/images uploaded are not of malicious, pornographic, or illegal content.

c. Check for each photo needed operations (retouching, restoration etc), provide for each photo constructive comments (if needed) to allow Us to deliver at the best of its ability (for example: make nose shorter/thinner, to clean bags under eyes, make the left cheek smaller; in case of colouring of photo to specify wishful colors - color of eyes, hair, clothes etc). Failing of constructive comments we make beautiful photos (to the best of its ability) to our taste.

d. Pay order before its implementation.

e. Payment of the order does not refund.

f. Client, herein after "You", commits remember, that not everything can be recover.

II. RESPONSIBILITIES OF Digital-photo-retouching.com

a. We commit to restoring/retouching the photographs/images to the best of its ability.

b. We commit to put Your order to queue of orders immediately upon payment.

c. We set the price of photos flexibly, depending on the volume and complexity of processing usually a maximum during of 24 hours after accepting to consideration.

d. We commit not publish Your photos without Your permission. We are not responsible for cases of hacking site.

e. We reserve the right to set any price for our work before payment.

f. We reserve the right to refuse rendering of services before payment without explanation.

g. We reserve the right to delete any account.

h. We commit make the file available for download for a period minimum of 30 days from the completion of the order.


a. Claims to result of work are accepted only within 24 hours from the completion of the order.

b. In the case of claims for specific details (as specified in the constructive comments to the photos) corrections are made at no extra cost only if the claims made within the time specified in previous paragraph, and if volume of needed corrections does not exceed 1 working hour.

c. If you have claims to details which have not been specified by You earlier (before payment of the order), or if volume of needed corrections exceeds 1 working hour, we reserve the right to reject these claims.


a. We are not responsible for the confidentiality of Your personal data, so do not use as password the password to Your e-mail.

b. Privacy of Your billing information provides PayPal (We do not request this information).