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Colouring of photo [pdf]

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The most complex at colouring of photos - to select correct colors and color hues for each detail of photo. Especially it is important for skin and eyes, they should look naturally. There are a many methods of photo colouring. The simplified scheme of one of variants is offered below in our free tutorial.

Step 1: Scan photo in resolution at least 300 dpi, save it as TIFF.

Step 2: Restore it as we wrote in restoration tutorial.

scaned and restored photo
After step 2. Restored photo.

Step 3: Click "Create a new layer" at bottom of window Layers or choose menu item Layer/New/Layer. Click "Set foreground color" at bottom of Tools Panel and select color for skin in palette. Click "Paint Bucket Tool" and fill layer.

Step 4: Select created layer and set "Color" blending mode (on top of Layers window). You can vary blending mode of layers for best effect.

Step 5: Select created layer and click "Add Layer Mask" (at bottom of Layers window).

add layer mask
After step 5. Add layer mask.

Step 6: Set black foreground color, click "Paint Bucket Tool" and fill layer mask.

Step 7: Set white foreground color, select "Brush Tool" and paint the skin area over on the mask.

Step 8: Select needed opacity for layer of skin.

colored skin area
After step 8. Colouring skin area.

Step 9: In the same way select and colour all other details. If detail which you want to colour is whole-coloured you can create a mask differently: at first choose the "Magic Wand Tool", select needed tolerance and click into area of detail, then click "Add layer mask", then finish off by a brush.

colored photo
After step 9. Coloured photo.

Step 10: Now you can make final touch - adjust brightness and contrast of a photo in the menu Image/Adjustments/Brightness and Contrast. Photo is ready.

brightness and contrast
After step 10. Adjustment of brightness/contrast for colored photo.

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