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Restoration of damaged photo [pdf]

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Step 1: Make sure, that document table of scanner and obverse surface of photo are pure (has no specks of dust, hairs, etc.). If necessary wipe the surfaces a pure dry serviette without pile.

Step 2: Lift the lid on the scanner, dispose parts of a photo as possible nearer to each other, close the lid. If you have a lot of parts and they are small enough it is more convenient to glue them before on a sheet of paper (assemble parts as puzzle).

Step 3: Scan photo in resolution at least 300 dpi, save it as TIFF.

After step 3. Scaned photo.

Step 4: Using "Lasso Tool" select parts of a photo and turn them in relation to each other so that as a whole the photo has taken a normal form.

After step 4. Rotated part of photo.

Step 5: Again select parts of photo and using "Moving Tool" move them as possible nearer to each other.

rotated and moved
After step 5. Moved part of photo.

Step 6: Make the photo black-and-white. For that select Image/Adjustments/Black and White, select needed Preset. For our photo it is "Yellow Filter" (for your photo other Preset can give better result, experiment with it). Now we can make advanced adjustments. Because our photo is filled by magenta color we shall adjust channel Magenta until getting the best result. Press OK.

After step 6. Black-and-white photo.

Step 7: Using "Clone Stamp Tool", "Healing Brush Tool", "Spot Healing Brush Tool" careful and accurately repair places of break.

repair places of break
After step 7. Repair places of break.

Step 8: Use the Filter/Noise/Reduce Noise and Filter/Noise/Dust and Scratches filters for the removal of noise and minor scratches. Attention: Do not set the Preserve Details parameter for the Reduce Noise filter too little and do not set the Radius parameter for the Dust and Scratches filter too large, else the photo will become blurred.

Step 9: Using "Clone Stamp Tool", "Healing Brush Tool", "Spot Healing Brush Tool" remove other scratches and spots (and other damages).

restored photo
After step 9. Removal of noise and scratches.

Step 10: Adjust brightness and contrast of a photo in the menu Image/Adjustments/Brightness and Contrast. Photo is ready.

restored photo
After step 10. Adjustment of brightness/contrast.

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